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Is your company ready to compete on analytics? We can help you get started by laying out a strategic roadmap and organizational design, required business processes and technologies for a business intelligence group.

Climb to financial successWe help design and build your customer intelligence strategy and capability. Many organizations have either siloed or localized efforts, or are ready to develop this capability from the ground up. We advocate an agile yet methodical approach for a customer insights function that ties to overall corporate strategy.

A market and customer intelligence strategy should be developed that supports both short and long term objectives, and can produce the business intelligence to drive measurable growth. Best in class companies have an embedded business intelligence function that is supported at all levels of the organization, from the C-Suite to those executing tactics. Our solution provides the framework for building a successful organization within your company.

We will begin with an assessment of your current customer and market intelligence capabilities, which includes people, processes, and data/tools/technology. This three-pronged approach is foundational for any business intelligence organization.

Next, we leverage our experience building these organizations for large companies, using best practices and current technology. We then provide you with a phased implementation plan to build a market and customer intelligence strategy and capability over a reasonable period of time. This includes the necessary skill sets, both internal and external, organizational design options, business processes for how market and customer intelligence should flow throughout the organization, and recommended tools and data requirements.