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Are you struggling to know what end-of-quarter sales will be? Or if a marketing campaign will be successful? Simulation models can provide 'what if' scenarios to help with planning and immediate course correction.

Future profit growthWhat's the perfect recipe for your next marketing campaign? It can be hard to tell. The world is a complicated place and its outcomes are determined by the interaction of many different forces. We can help you to identify the key indicators that explain performance and integrate those relationships into a simple front end where you will be able to instantly evaluate the most likely outcomes based on key inputs and past performance. You'll be able to figure out the best mix to support your desired outcomes.

Example – Marketing Campaign:

Question:  How many emails do I need to send out to get 5K new leads?

Sample inputs to the simulation:  company size, vertical industry, product area

In this example, the simulation would incorporate the relationships between attributes such as company size, vertical industries, and product areas with historical campaign performance on elements like bounce rates, open rates, etc. to determine the number of emails that would need to go into the funnel to come out the end of the campaign with 5K new leads.