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Understanding who your customers are, as well as how and why they buy, is critical to your success. We build segmentations that start with simple demographics or firmographics, to incorporating revenue or value, to complex market opportunity and behavior segmentations, leveraging primary research and transactional data.

Standing out in the crowdCustomer segmentation is a journey, and can be accomplished by starting with basic insights about customers and prospects, then building to more advanced market and behavior indicators. The data required for each stage becomes more complex, along with the change management and adoption that will be required from your marketing and sales organization. For that reason, we strongly advocate a phased approach.

It is important to have a comprehensive view of what types of customers are buying which products, and how valuable they are to you; knowing that not all customers are created equal. We bring our clients beyond the simple perceived opportunity segmentation and demographic/firmographics segmentations to value based. One of the best ways to differentiate customers is by the value that they bring to the company. Our product, the Customer Value Index™, is a segmentation based on a multiple number of derived metrics describing how customers interact with you.

For our clients who are ready to integrate external market data, primary research and customer behavior, we build Market Behavior segmentations. This type of segmentation helps answer the question, "Do we have the right customers today, who will help us achieve our growth goals tomorrow?" and adds the element of how customers perceive you and your brand, the root of why they buy and what barriers they foresee.