Data   Insights   Action

Developing the optimal go-to-market strategy should strike the right balance between direct and indirect routes to market, and take into consideration how your customers want to interact with you. We layer on market growth projections, your addressable market and recent customer behavior to provide you with the ideal coverage model.

Carrying the worldA go-to-market strategy should bring together all facets of your business functions – sales, marketing, supply chain, pricing – to support your long term growth objectives. A thorough evaluation of opportunities and risks must be uncovered, especially before entering new or emerging markets. Adjusting your go-to-market approach to support an increase in market share or cost reduction should be based on insights derived from multiple sources of data.

We leverage market forecast data, your historical customer data plus third party demographics and combine them into a view to determine the markets where you will be most successful. This helps determine your market entry strategy, sales coverage model, and forecasts your future performance.

Taking this to the next level, we optimize your channel coverage by knowing where to position partners with specific expertise that compliment you best, and map out a plan for how the 'white space' will be addressed.