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Measuring your customers' and partners' performance is essential to optimizing your sales and marketing strategy. We design dashboards to report on the obvious and identify hidden trends, and allow you to focus activities where needed through benchmarking against peer groups.

Ladders to the skyJust as the doctor tracks your personal vital signs to get a high level view of your personal health, a business must track its Customer Vital Signs™ and Partner Vital Signs™. Dashboards will allow a business to view its Customer/Partner Vital Signs™ over time so that areas of concern can be quickly and easily detected. Much like with your personal vital signs, one single value (such as pulse) doesn't give a clear picture of your overall health. Only after you begin to layer in different bits of information, like weight, blood pressure, etc., you begin to get a clearer picture of the whole.

Similarly, it is imperative that a company's dashboards also have multi-dimensional views. Detected abnormalities will give an indication of what additional tests are needed, not diagnose the cause of the problem directly. The key is early detection. Resources can focus the bulk of their time on devising solutions rather than identifying the problems. We can create a series of dashboards with increasing levels of detail, allowing your company to track its Customer/Partner Vital Signs™ and to guide its understanding and analysis of its business.

While dashboards help to keep track of the over health of your business, benchmarking analysis can give clear measurement showing how a given partner's performance compares to a peer group in key areas. These types of reports have a number of benefits for both your company and your partners:

  • Reports can provide a jumping off point for regular business reviews with partners.
  • Providing these reports to your partners can deepen the relationship between your companies by providing them insights into their business.
  • Marketing and business development fund payments can be linked clearly to specific performance metrics (i.e. % of business from net new customers).