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Need help getting your Analytics team or Data Scientists trained and up to speed?  We have developed an on-boarding and mentoring program from years of experience building internal Analytics organizations, and ensuring that insights are being applied in Sales & Marketing organizations.

With all the talk about Big Data giving companies the competitive edge, we see these struggles commonly amongst our clients who are trying to start an Analytics team:

  • Only enough budget to hire a few junior Data Scientists, so they are lacking a seasoned Analytics mentor or leader who can help get them started and prioritize projects
  • Finding the right “buyers” within an organization who will sponsor and implement recommendations based on analytical output
  • The “receivers” of analytics insights (internal clients such as Sales or Marketing Operations, Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Strategy) lack the general training on how to apply segmentation, predictive models and other statistical and empirical analysis to what they are doing today

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We customize our solution based on your needs, whether it involves conducting technical interviews for data scientist positions, training and mentoring new staff, or providing temporary staffing to help you rapidly get your team up to speed and start delivering value-added insights that translate to revenue.  Additionally, we deliver the business knowledge transfer that provides sales and marketing professionals with information, coaching and consultation on how to leverage insights to accomplish customer acquisition, cultivation and retention goals.  Our delivery options include on-site, in person training, web-based, and train-the-trainer channels.  We follow through with your staff using real applications/case studies and provide ongoing mentoring and coaching.